WAN optimization technology has existed for a decade or so, but it’s evolved significantly in this time due to the “cloud” as well as the general shift to “virtual” networks surroundings. Consequently, it is surrounded by many understandings now. Let us have a look at a number of the prevalent myths about SDWAN optimization.

1.WAN optimization primarily concerns compression and caching. This is a myth. An article on FedTech by Joel Snyder, Ph.D., called this a “fallacy” and clarified that compression and caching are “only one bit of the big picture.” While caching and compression are still widely used techniques and requires a more holistic strategy with the emphasis on quality of much more network visibility and service.
2.Real time or encrypted information cannot profit from SDWAN optimization. This is just another myth. Though early appliances and techniques couldn’t manage real time or encrypted traffic well, genuine international private networks have emerged that can truly optimize realtime and encrypted traffic (Source: Aryaka).

Meanwhile, Dr. Snyder describes that, “In theory, private encrypted programs are not compressible. Nevertheless, most of the business of today’s encrypted programs are in fact HTTP-over-SSL, a well- . By loading business digital certification info into it, network supervisors get complete compression and caching abilities as the apparatus can decrypt client/server traffic (Source: FedTech).”

If considering the so called “large picture,” the optimization part for realtime and encrypted traffic is yet another bit of the bigger cloud-delivery-and-optimization stack. This bit, like caching and compression, is contained included in the service.

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