Practicing an Ancient Discipline in Modern Facilities: Red Hot Yoga

There are not many traditions as ancient as Yoga is. Its beginnings can be found five millennia back in time, in the land of India. If you visited Hindu temples, or just saw art albums presenting them, you probably noticed the specific postures of Shiva, Indra or some other god. Many of them are in those postures known as asanas – the same ones that you will strive to emulate if you intend to maximize the health benefits by practicing this old discipline. It may be ancient, but today you can do it in modern facilities, where modernity and tradition are harmoniously fused in what is known as Red Hot Yoga. The postures are performed in special climatic conditions – temperatures between 30-40°C and humid air, so you can imagine being in India!

Around the 1900’s, Yoga started to be known and practiced also in Europe and Americas, and by the 70’s was adopted by the hippies, but since then, many people went for it, due to the multitude of advantages to be gained. A well shaped body, with flexible joints, regular heartbeat, deep energetic breathing for better oxygen absorption, all are health benefits not to be ignored. And for a better temper Yoga is invaluable, because helps you to calm your mind, neither to let it burst into anger fits, nor in deep depression, so you can focus and have a sharper mind and best disposition.
For those willing to perform the Yoga postures in the hot and moist air of India, there is the very interesting possibility of Red Hot Yoga. Besides being in the same kind of atmosphere as the rishis that followed its path, the heat warms up the muscles, make you sweat and eliminate the toxins from the body, accelerating the heartbeat and turning your entire body into a fitter condition.

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