About VPS & Benefits & Feature of Opting Linux VPS

The Server Hosting Services:
Servers are the important components for hosting digital applications to access them via internet. There are lots of companies which offer servers had emerged in the recent times and the good quality companies often comes with best possible services and excellent support which are critical for any types of clients or businesses.

VPS – What is it?
Virtual Private Servers called as VPS is basically a virtual machine is sold as a service by the hosting company, which thereby helps the businesses to work only on the software part and leave the hardware maintenance to the company itself. There are lots of cheap VPS available in the market. The following are the different type of VPS systems offered by most hosting services offering company.
• Linux VPS
• Windows VPS and
• Cloud VPS
Salient Features of Linux VPS:
buy linux vps if the businesses and client need access to the Linux Operating System such as CentOS, or Debian, etc. There are various features and benefits that are offered by the server hosting companies to their clients. The following list summarizes few of them.
• The installation of the specific software packages which would be needed by the applications of the client to host them successfully, would be available in the VPS which otherwise will not be in the shared servers. Some of the popular software which are installed on the Linux VPS includes MySQL, Magento, Cloud Linux, CPanel, CentOS, open VZ, etc.
• Increase of the bandwidth dynamically using Multiple – ISP network.
• Provides support for installation of the third-party packages such as CPanel, Tomcat, PHP, etc.
• Well organized customer support through various tickets, chat and email that is available throughout 24/7
• High availability of the service. Reliable uptime with 99.95% accuracy.
• Buy VPS in Linux OS, if you are looking for a reliable server with more security features.
• The company usually does the installation free of cost.