Is it possible to win consistently a womens footy betting?

It is every punter’s dream to win consistently at womens footy betting or any other sports betting. Many people have tried and failed and a few have succeeded. But is there a way in which punters can win consistently at sports betting? While it is possible to win consistently, this will mostly depend on the strategies a punter is using. For example, there are very few punters who are known for profiting from risk-free wagering strategies. One of these is through matched betting and this is whereby they earn money from wagering free bets and bonuses.
The second way is through arbitrage betting. Bookmakers sometimes offer different prices or womens footy odds for selected games. This happens because of different opinions about those games. Arbitrage betting therefore comes in whereby punters take advantage of the differences in bookie prices to make huge profits. Arbitrage betting is risk free and whether or not it works, the risk-free factor is the main factor that makes this form of betting worth the effort. Thirdly, punters can make money consistently by identifying dropping odds. Identifying dropping odds is not an easy strategy as it sounds. However, if a punter can accurately predict pre-game odds or odds that settle at lower prices, then the punter will have achieved their objective.
Mentality is also a factor that can help determine whether a punter will win consistently. Basically, successful punters are those that do not have any inclination of picking the winners or trying to pick the winners. Moreover, these punters do not have any interest in a womens footy event whatsoever. While this is ironic, the most important thing to understand is that it is the general methodical approach to womens footy betting that is the most successful. Winning consistently can be achieved if one is methodical in placing bets and not necessarily following the wind.