How To Test In Your Property For Legionella

All property owners are accountable to provide quality water to the people, visitors, patients, staff or their tenants in general. Therefore, you have to ensure that supply and your water source is free from impurities which could cause someone become sick. Otherwise you confront legal actions brought upon you and will pay for the results.


One significant test if you’re a business owner you have to comply with specially is Legionella testing. That is to discover as this might present great threats to people’s health when the water is contaminated with the bacteria. Legionella bacteria are dangerous and that is the main cause of Legionnaires’ disease, a deadly type of pneumonia that may affect anybody. These natural bacteria are located in water sources like streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Low amounts don’t present health hazard although modest amounts live after water purification and disinfection procedures. When they multiply they get dangerous. What causes them to multiply? In order to multiply, the bacteria need a temperature range of 20 – 45C. Legionella bacteria can rapidly proliferate at home or at work if: • Chilly water gets warm • hot water is too cool • When is legionella testing advocated? • While some Legionella testing state that legionella lab evaluations are compulsory since they want to comply with their legal duties, this test can be conducted by you when: • Routine check is needed (i.e. every 3 months for cooling towers) • Your water system is treated with biocides • The management rates of your systems aren’t reached consistently (i.e. temperature)